cummy princess ♡
Hello there .
♥ I'm Gwendolyn Michelle ♥
I'm 20 years old , and I live around Seattle .
I'm not single at the moment ; and I do have a sugar daddy .
I like pastels ; pink being my favorite .
I post a lot of personal things ; if that bothers you , kindly leave . I'm very opinionated , and if you don't like that , then unfollow me .
I'm a 420 Princess
I  have a bad habit of cutting and bruising myself , I like blood , drugs , sex , and Naomi Campbell ♡

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If you guys didn’t want to be bothered with us, should’ve left us the fuck alone! lol They couldn’t resist us, and still can’t.

white people

Funny shit is, we actually traveled the world and visited damn near every country before slavery. We taught white people how to wash their ass and not to sleep in the same bed with their animals.

& they still doing it lmfaoo

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today is the day all my followers know that im gorillaz trash
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Alice McCall S/S 2015
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cetaphil, clay masks, face scrubs, cold water, coconut oil = clear glowing dewy skin. this is a scientific fact

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Shia Labeouf for Interview Magazine

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