Anonymous: Are you still making your porn blog?

Yes ! Bit with this sugar daddy thing I’m finding myself a bit occupied .


my mom once told me about how her friend’s daughter was once in a weird relationship with an older man who got off on paying her bills 

like he would give her a credit card and would totally find sexual pleasure in going over all the purchases she made with his money

but they hardly ever talked or saw each other

and the story still sits with me because i think that’s like fairytale kinds of magic right there

Anonymous: Who is mark? And what about that sugar daddy? 😸😸😸 I'm new on your blog sorry cutie :( you gotta help me catch up haha

Oh don’t be sorry !
Mark is my boyfriend ; and I recently got a sugar daddy .
He isn’t my first , though .

so I’m giving myself a month to get myself ready for the aerial acrobatics/pole dancing lessons ; I need upper body strength and I REALLY need to tone up ♡